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Brand Generation - Nova

In second year of university, as Fashion Communication students we were challenged with creating a new commercially viable brand proposal from the ground up, considering gaps in the market, customers needs and the ethos, identity, social, retail, marketing and promotion channels. Thus from my significant body of research, Nova was born.


Nova’s mission is to provide a premium, sustainable solution if you struggle to find the perfect fit legging that doesn’t cost the earth. We believe you shouldn’t have to settle for any less – ensuring quality, multi-functional styles which are tailored to you and designed to last.


The leggings fit all women due to customisable leg lengths and sizes 6-22. Nova will use 100% recycled materials and packaging. Each aspect of the brand has been curated with the customer’s needs at the centre of each decision. I created a brand proposal informed by in-depth analysis of gaps in the market, consumer research and profiling. Here shows the highlights of the brand proposal report, product and 360° marketing strategy.


I onboarded and managed two student collaborators to help me bring the project to life through providing clear briefs. I absolutely loved collaborating with Graphic Designer Collette McCann (@collettemccanngd) and 3D Fashion Designer Shannon McGowan (@shanmcgfashion) on this project. Collette designed the logo and product packaging assets, and Shannon brought the athleisure collection to life digitally in 3D using CLO3D. This project was created entirely working from home, using 3D renders of the collection and secondary sourced imagery, as we were under lockdown restrictions and were not able to conduct photoshoots. The project pushed my digital design, brand & marketing strategization and collaborative working skills. I was responsible for managing, designing and delivering creative digital assets and designs across all touchpoints, ensuring content was optimised across all devices and followed the brand guidelines. Furthermore, I experimented in fashion illustration by drawing the collection digitally in Illustrator for Shannon to then translate into the 3D clothing renders.

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