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Collaborative Practice

For the interdisciplinary project, we were placed into groups of 5 to develop a collective response to the overarching theme ‘Hidden City’ and our chosen keyword ‘echo’. The outcome could take any form appropriate, for example an event, website, installation, publication, or a proposition for the city. We collaborated online whilst working entirely from home. 


Our response was in the form of a zine, titled unCOVER. Our main goal was to create a platform to echo Digbeth’s independents and creatives through our omni-channel approach. Here shows the zine, desktop and phone website pages I designed for the zine, the press release, newsletter, OOH advertisement and crucial research I undertook to develop the project.


Group members: Eliann Witt, Molly Biggs, Jodie Owen, Chantelle Powell and Carina Coelho

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