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Content Assistant - BCU

My role as a Content Assistant at BCU was to support the ADM Marketing Officers and wider team by creating engaging written content tailored to a range of paid and organic channels that aimed to promote the university and improve student recruitment for priority courses, encouraging the conversion of enquirers and applicants into enrolled students.

Responsibilities and duties included:

• Published high quality and compelling written content for The School of Fashion and Textiles, The School of Jewellery and The School of Architecture and Design blog sites, on various social media platforms, landing pages and in applicant email communications.
• Conducted interviews with students, staff and alumni to create content that improved student recruitment.
• Created student-led and teaching staff case studies to bring subjects to life for prospective students.
• Wrote accurate news pieces by carrying out detailed research and utilising press releases.
• Ensured copy upheld the correct tone of voice, consistently used brand guidelines and communicated the university's mission.
• Worked flexibly and collaboratively within the wider Marketing & Communications team providing assistance when needed and ensured content fit within the wider content strategy plan.
• Utilised a Content Management System to upload content, structure and edit web pages.
• Conducted competitor analysis and in-depth trend research to generate new ideas for exciting and relevant content.
• Sourced royalty free imagery and student imagery for my blog content, and edited images using Photoshop to CMS specifications. Developed knowledge of GDPR, data protection, copyright and intellectual property.

• In July 2021, I was recruited to edit over 200 profiles for the BCU Inspired online graduate showcase. I utilised Wordpress, edited and proofread copy, edited and resized imagery using Photoshop and liaised with graduates.

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