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Creative Brand Fashion Communication

At the end of first year at university, we were challenged with selecting a brand and completing a thorough 360° exploration of its branding and communication strategy as well as its target consumer. Additionally, we were asked to propose and design a brand experience for our chosen brand which reflects and responds to current consumer trends, as well as developing content that promotes the experience across several of your brands digital platforms.


I conducted a 360° exploration of Stradivarius branding, consumer and communication strategy to propose an innovative brand experience, which reflects and responds to current trends in consumer behaviour and the market. Here shows a selection of the research undertaken to inform the concept, the engaging content I developed to promote the experimental workshop through their primary communication platform Instagram, and finally the proposed marketing strategy.

The proposed experience was titled The Magic of Mending. The mending workshop was underpinned by extensive research into the brand, market and target consumer. Key insights of the report are detailed here. ♻️

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