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Major Project 

Investigating the UK Fashion Resale Mass-market & the Millennial Consumer: Will the Future of Fashion Resale be Physical, Digital or Phygital? 

For my final year dissertation, I undertook a comprehensive and independent study investigating the UK second-hand fashion mass-market, exploring Millennials shifting purchasing habits due to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and the emerging innovation of phygital shopping experiences, questioning the future of second-hand fashion shopping. ♻️


Through conducting thorough secondary research, I was able to justify and critically analyse my research through insightful interviews with three industry practitioners, an in-depth focus group and a survey. My research methodology gathered both quantitative and qualitative data for triangulation, to validate findings and form a balanced and credible research study.

I truly put my whole heart into exploring a topic that I have been super passionate about for many years. I achieved a First for this project.

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