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Lounge x BCU

For our first module in second year at University, we were presented with a live brief in collaboration with Lounge Underwear to create a campaign concept and response to International Women's day 2021 in groups of 5. The focus - uplifting and empowering their #FemaleFamily with a multi-platform approach. We were able to pitch our concept #WindDownWithLounge, which was professional and reflected the Lounge house style. I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Lounge and my team, and I expanded upon my skills within content creation, graphic design and social media, alongside conducting extensive research into Lounge.

As the Content Editor, responsibilities & duties included:

• Created visually engaging and empowering written content for the format of various social media channels, blog posts and an editorial feature for a multi-platform reach across appropriate digital and printed channels.
• Took accountability for planning and managing own work efficiently to ensure the team objectives are met.
• Collaborated with team members to build our concept by sharing work, research findings, ideas, knowledge and resources.
• Asked and acted on regular feedback.
• Formed an innovative Content Strategy report that detailed how all aspects of content created by the team would unite for an innovative and engaging International Women's day campaign, and how it would extend the brand's following and reach.
• Responsible for planning the schedule and took minutes in team meetings to help keep track of ideas, responsibilities and actions.
• Contributed to and presented an initial pitch and a final pitch presentation with the team.
• Overcame challenges faced due to COVID, such as being unable to meet in person, conduct photoshoots and adapting to online learning because of tightening lockdown restrictions.
• I was selected to interview Georgia Perry (Chief People Officer) to write an engaging blog post to detail the successes of the project on the BCU School of F&T site.

Brand Manager - Daisee Berridge

Creative Director - Alice Ford

PR Manager - Holly Layton

Content Editor's - Carina Coelho and Emma Taylor

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