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Ohana Magazine

Ohana was founded in January 2021 by Emily Orr and has been created in collaboration with 18 talented BCU creatives on a volunteer basis, with the intention of raising awareness surrounding the nine protected characteristics. Since the launch, we have  accomplished over 2000 reads across two issues. In 2021, Ohana was shortlisted for the Terry Mansfield Publication Award at Graduate Fashion Week. This project also enabled the team & I to gain industry experience after internships were cancelled due to COVID-19.

As I writer, I was responsible for creating relevant, timely and well-researched articles, suitable for our audience and mission statement, in addition to creating graphics and building spreads for the magazine, utilising the brand guidelines and working with both illustrators and writers to bring their article to life.

Issue one articles:

Mind & Body Benefits of Yoga (pg. 54)

The Future of Digital Fashion (pg. 16)

Graphics: Gratitude Journal (pg. 58)

Issue two articles:

Bring The Outdoors In (pg. 16)

Hobbies From Home: Will They Continue Post-Lockdown? (pg. 21)

Spotlight on: The Fashademix (pg. 36)

Graphics: Beauty & Culture In The Media By Ayesha Naveed (pg. 34) and Confidence by Zobiya Shukeel (pg. 15)


Check out Issue One & Issue Two here!

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